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Porcupines Egg Lemon Greek Style

M y mom was known to be the best Egg-Lemon soup / sauce maker in the family and the whole neighborhood. I was about 12 years old on wards and always watched her when she cooked this soup/sauce. So I can tell you this recipe is hers. Back in the old days we had no stand-up mixer or hand held mixers like we do now. She used whisk those eggs by hand using a fork while adding the lemon juice carefully to avoid curdling of the eggs. Greek cuisine has many dishes made with an egg-lemon mixture. In fact any beef, poultry, fish, lamb which is boiled can be made into an egg-lemon dish. All you have to do is add a 500 ml of the liquid in which the beef or chicken is boiling in to the egg-lemon mixture and there you are. For details please read on....