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Roasted Chicken And Potatoes...A Typical Greek Houshold Dish

The point here is that you can use any seasonings you have at home which YOU think will go with chicken.  And...whatever seasonings you think will go with potatoes.  Greeks will use Oregano as their main herb.

Thai Rice Vermicelli Guisado...Thai / Filippino Blend

Today we decided to have a Filipino dish called "Pancet Guisado" . Pancet is a type of Filipino noodle, and Guisado means stew (in Espanish). Since we could not find Pancet, we bought Thai Rice Vermicelli, which is a Thai type of very thin pasta made from rice flour. So we blended both the Guisado of chicken (stew of chicken) and the Thai  rice vermicelli and called it " Thai rice vermicelli guisado ".

Turkey Medaillons With Button Mushrooms/Wild Berry Sauce And Bulgur On The Side.

Lets move to something else a bit more saucy. Instead of rice let us use bulgur (Πλιγούρι). Breast of turkey is imported from Italy. Greece does not produce and export anything so basically that is why Greece is in this mess. But now we are talking of culinary dreams that are coming true.....

Tapas 2....Viva El Fridge!!

 As I mentioned once in my previous posts, it is very helpful to have as many ingredients as possible at home for any surprise "attack". The important item to have for tapas is fresh or deep frozen fresh bread. The rest depends on your imagination and what you actually have on hand.

Steamed Then Barbequed Full Racks Of Spare Ribs With Roasted Baby Potatoes....Yummy - Yummy

I love barbequed spare ribs. Is there anything I don't like??...yes: brains, tripe and rabbit. Everything else I love!!  I believe everybody likes bbq spareribs...Chinese style, American style.  The other day I was so thrilled to find proper spare ribs in a supermarket away from my area. Although I am sure you are already aware of the way ribs are done, I would like to share with you the way I make them.

Cold Smoked Chicken...Quick & Light

Sunday is a day to relax without cooking. So a nice plate of cold smoked chicken with a dash of Worcestershire sauce, a touch of hot Dijon mustard, and a fresh salad on the side.

The smoked chicken goes like this:

Maria's Double Crusted Apple Pie..Something Sweet For The Week End

There is nothing more common than an apple pie. But... it depends on who makes it. This apple pie has been in our family for years. All our friend and relatives love it. When they hear that Maria is making this apple pie they can't wait for the meal to finish so they can have a piece of it...and of course I am very proud of Maria! Here goes...