Steamed Then Barbequed Full Racks Of Spare Ribs With Roasted Baby Potatoes....Yummy - Yummy

I love barbequed spare ribs. Is there anything I don't like??...yes: brains, tripe and rabbit. Everything else I love!!  I believe everybody likes bbq spareribs...Chinese style, American style.  The other day I was so thrilled to find proper spare ribs in a supermarket away from my area. Although I am sure you are already aware of the way ribs are done, I would like to share with you the way I make them.
You will need:
 Serves 4
-  1 Pack of spare ribs frozen and thawed. They contain 4 full racks as shown in picture below.
-  barbeque pit with cover.
-  Oven dish to heat water in.
-  Salt, pepper and whatever other spice you would like.
-  Heat oven to 200 degrees C.
-  Introduce oven dish with water and wait until it heat up.
Notice the rib bones protruding showing that they are nearly cooked.
-  Place your four racks as shown in picture.  This is to cook the ribs in steam.  Then they will be placed over the medium hot charcoal to give the ribs that bbq taste.
Rib Racks Over Heated Water.

-  Bake/steam for 45 minutes.
-  In the meantime light your charcoal quickly with all vents open for good aeration.
-  Grill on medium hot charcoal without adding any bbq sauce until you are sure they are cooked.  Bbq sauce contains sugar and will burn over the charcoal.

-  Do not overcook, taste a rib to check the meat must come right off the bone without sticking to the bone. That is, the bone must end up with no meat on it at all.
-   Serve with bbq sauce and the saute baby potatoes.

For the saute Baby Potatoes:
-  1 kg of baby potatoes washed but not peeled.
-  1 non stick skillet.
-  50 gr fresh butter.
-  Some fresh or dry sage.
-  Boil potatoes till they are done.
-  Drain and dry.

-  Melt and heat fresh butter, add sage wait till aroma fill the air.
-  Add potatoes and saute turning them occasionally till they are crispy and golden.
-  By the time the ribs are ready, the potatoes should be too.
Serve ribs and potatoes with a salad of your choice.
Bon Appetit


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