Roasted Chicken And Potatoes...A Typical Greek Houshold Dish

The point here is that you can use any seasonings you have at home which YOU think will go with chicken.  And...whatever seasonings you think will go with potatoes.  Greeks will use Oregano as their main herb.
You slice the potatoes round ½ in thick, and put the chicken as it is (after washing of course) on the presoaked oven proof paper. Add the seasonings and roast at maximum oven heat for one hour.
The potatoes with come out crunchy, and the chicken like butter.You will need:
Serves 4
-  1 medium sized chicken skin taken off but chicken kept whole.
-  1 kg potatoes peeled and sliced ½ inch thick.
-  Salt, pepper, ready made seasoning for roast chicken, lemon zest, garlic powder.
-  Olive oil.
-  Take a big peace of baking paper that fits your oven proof dish and soak it in water.
-  Line your baking dish with it.
-  Put your chicken on there, and season with lemon zest, pepper and special poultry seasoning.
-  Note about the potatoes: when sliced put in a big bowl, add your salt, pepper, garlic salt, and whatever else you wish and ¼ cup oil. Using your hands, coat all the potatoes with the seasoning and the oil.
-  Place the potatoes around the chicken in the oven proof dish.
-  Roast for an hour on the middle shelf of the oven.
Et Voila!


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