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Simple Corn Bread

Corn bread is easy to make and quick. Some of you may well know it but maybe some do not...

We Used "Engraulis Encrasicolus" To Make Ceviche. Delicious!!

Engraulis Enrasicolus is commonly known as the European Anchovy and is excellent for ceviche. This is how...

Leek and Pumpkin Tart....This Is Pumpkin Everything Time Now!!

We've had leek pie before in my previous posts. This time we shall add pumpkin and see how it goes. Bear with me...

Cherry Smoked BBQ Turkey Breast With Pumpkin Slices...

N ever had smoked pumpkin before. Got the idea from ol' Derrick Riches " About Barbecues and Grilling" in, gave me the idea in his latest post. You can also go ahead and use smoked pumpkin to make smoked pumpkin pie if you wish. l tell ya it was good!!

Pumpkin Pie Made By A Greek With American Instructions!

G iving instructions to an English speaking person  how to make a pumpkin pie, is like telling  an American how to make hamburgers, or an Englishman about steak and kidney pie. But there may be other people out there who may profit from my experience so hold on guys!!...