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Zesty Chicken Kebabs On Lettuce Wrappers.....Heat Loves Company

It is really strange how the weather keeps its appointments here in Athens.  Come June 1rst and you can feel that summer is here and the temperature starts rizing  like "Summertime" the song. Then comes September 1rst and the weather cools down. I can't wait for September to come!! As for the zesty chicken kebabs you will need:

Chateaubriand Sauce Béarnaise......The Ultimate Dinner For Two "Meat" Lovers

Please Note: The following
paragraphs are for your general information. The recipe is a few paragraps down. Thank you.

Pork, Sesame And Chinese Mushrooms With Vegetables Stir Fry...Going Far East

Ok it's hot!! The temperature today is around 35 - 36 degrees C in the shade we live on the last floor meaning our ceiling is also hot ....they say if you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen...well I entered the kitchen and thought I would share with you guys something which looks Chinese and is very good because we just had it for lunch!! Both my wife and daughter loved it!

Meat Pie II......Something Light For Lunch Or Dinner

Now that it is hot, a cold slice of the meat pie with salad would be welcome for lunch or more

Marinated Green Olives......Delicious With A Drink By The Sea

It is a rule that when you drink alcohol you should always eat something oily. Drinking on an empty stomach is not generally recommended.

Home Made Pasta: Part II.......The Many Uses Of Flat Pasta Sheets


Ok what is next?? We made the flat pasta, correct thickness, cooked " al dente", put it on the wet towel to dry. There are several dishes you can make using the flat pasta sheets.

A) Cannelloni: Let's say we decide to make Cannelloni. Cannelloni are tube-like pasta which you can buy dry, from the supermarket, slightly boil then fill with whatever you want.  Now we have them fresh and we can also fill them with whatever we want. The difference is that with the ones you buy from the supermarket dry, first they may be already broken in their box when you get them off the rack. Or they they can break till you go home in which case you can never be sure how many you will end up with.
I would like to share with you Cannelloni with cottage and mozzarella cheese filling, a tomato and bechamel sauce topping,  sprinkled with parmezan cheese baked in a max heat oven for 10 minutes.
You will need:
Serves 3
-  21 flat pasta squares ready cooked.
-  200 gms cottage cheese mashed.
-  …

Yoghurt Cake With Lemon Zest.....Your Sunday Dessert

By Maria