Home Made Pasta: Part II.......The Many Uses Of Flat Pasta Sheets

Lasagna With Pesto

Ok what is next?? We made the flat pasta, correct thickness, cooked " al dente", put it on the wet towel to dry. There are several dishes you can make using the flat pasta sheets.

A) Cannelloni:
Let's say we decide to make Cannelloni. Cannelloni are tube-like pasta which you can buy dry, from the supermarket, slightly boil then fill with whatever you want.  Now we have them fresh and we can also fill them with whatever we want. The difference is that with the ones you buy from the supermarket dry, first they may be already broken in their box when you get them off the rack. Or they they can break till you go home in which case you can never be sure how many you will end up with.
I would like to share with you Cannelloni with cottage and mozzarella cheese filling, a tomato and bechamel sauce topping,  sprinkled with parmezan cheese baked in a max heat oven for 10 minutes.
You will need:
Serves 3
-  21 flat pasta squares ready cooked.
-  200 gms cottage cheese mashed.
-  200 gms mozarella cheese finely cubed.
-  1 whole egg.

-  Tomato sauce.
-  Bechamel sauce.
-  Salt , pepper, and reshly ground nutmeg.
-  Make tomato sauce as previously described in other recipes.
-  Make bechamel sauce also as previously described in other recipes.
-  Mash cottage cheese with the egg to make a paste.
-  Combine cottage cheese with mozarella cubes, add salt, pepper and nutmeg
-  Start filling and rolling each pasta square piece and place in an individual bake proof plate.
-  Top with béchamel and tomato sauce, sprinkle with parmezan cheese, and bake for 10 minustes in max heat oven for 10 minutes.


One big oven proof dish which serves many.

B)  Baked Lasagna: You can make up one big oven proof  dish with many superimposed pasta sheets with either a meat sauce in-between, or tomato sauce with mozarella, or spinach/cream mix etc.

C)  Individual plate of Lasagna with various fillings As per photos:

First Layer With Molten Mozarella
Second Layer With Pesto

Third Layer With Cottage Cheese
Forth Layer With Only Parmezan Cheese Topped With
Some Hot Cooking Wat
The above may give you some ideas of your own.

Some other day in the near future we shall make some ravioli together.

 Hope you enjoyed this culinary trip as much as I did.



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