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Brownies...And We Are Not Talking Of Girl Scouts!!

  This recipe is dedicated to Alexia and to memories past Y esterday my daughter had lunch with two of her high school girlfriends whom she hadn't seen in a long time.  As they were discussing memories past, one of her friends recalled the brownies I used to make which they love so much during the kiddy parties. When Barbara told me about the discussion, I immediately thought of sharing the recipe with you. Mind you, the recipe had been inspired by Betty Crocker's thirty years ago but has evolved through the years.

Egg Foo Yung Flied Lice Leftovers...

O k yesterday we had Sikander's Kima for lunch and we shared the recipe. By the way it was very good. Today we had some of yesterday's meal leftover, and because we never throw anything away I thought of transforming yesterday's meal into a flied lice dish sorry I mean fried rice with egg foo yung .

Sikander's "Kima" With Basmati....Typical Pakistani

Ready Cooked "Kima". S ikander is a good friend of mine and is from Pakistan. We met in Egypt while I was stationed there. The excellent assistant I had, Salwa, a woman, and he, hit it off, fell in love and got married. So I was left without. About 30 years later we met again through Facebook. He continues to live in Egypt, still married to her, and I ended up in Athens (God knows why).  We talk and exchange recipes on Skype. Today's recipe is his "Kima" . For those who know Greek will guess what it is...but for everybody else...

Batter Fried Codfish Cakes .....Commonly Called Fish And Chips

T here isn't much to tell about codfish that hasn't been said before in my previous recipes except that this time it is fried with a nice batter the recipe of which I would like to share with you.

Popeye Did Not Know Egyptian Spinach Called Molokhiya...

T his article is only for your information, it is very interesting. You can find Molokhiya already picked, washed,  finely chopped and  frozen in 1 kg sachets in Middle Eastern, or Egyptian groceries.The recipe is after this article.

My Baked Beef Balls

  Oops!! Messed up again! Lost the pictures again... I hope you guys have realized by now since the 16th of December 2010 that I write whatever comes to my mind that day, and most of the time I write what we are having for lunch.. So you must be sure that these recipes have been tested. If there is something which went wrong during lunch, I fix it in the recipe meaning that 98% of the time I am the one preparing lunch and  / or dinner.  Hopefully my recipes give you some ideas for what to cook that day and that you enjoy reading me as much as I enjoy writing to you. So today I decided to make huge meat balls which if you press them from the top they will become burgers. I left them as balls. Furthermore, as you will see in the picture they are being baked but can be grilled as well.