Baked Scalloped Potatoes...Pommes Dauphinoise

As You Can See I like Pepper...Only This Is Green Pepper.
Baked Scalloped Potatoes go very well with grilled meats as well as the sautée scalloped potatoes. Only the baked type is slightly richer in ingredients.

You will need:

Serves 4:

-  500 gms of peeled, cut paper-thin potatoes. Use a plain kitchen potato slicer as per photo, or a mandoline.

File:Cooking Mandolin with Carrot.jpg
The Mandolin Is Used To Practically Cut Anything You Like For Vegetables.
Photo Courtesy Of Wikipedia On Google.

-  300 ml. of boiled milk.

-  1 whole egg beaten added to the above milk.

-  50 gms. of Swiss cheese (Gruyère or Emmental) or any other melting type cheese you wish.

-  2 knobs of fresh butter.

-  2 cloves of garlic passed through the garlic press.

-  Some extra butter to spread on bottom of casserol.

-  Salt, pepper and freshly ground nutmeg.


-  Spread butter and garlic on base and sides of the casserole.

-  Place sliced potatoes in casserole.

-  Add milk with egg mix to the potatoes.

-  Add grated cheese, and mix everything well. Add your salt, pepper and nutmeg.

-  Top with some grated cheese, and the two knobs of fresh butter.-  Bake in a preheated oven to 200 C for one hour.

-  After the hour is finished, check for surface color, check for potato doneness and check if there are liquids in the casserole.

-  If there are liquids, color is not acceptable or potatoes are still not cooked,  continue baking until, potatoes are done, surface color is acceptable, and there are no liquids.


Do not parboil the potatoes in this recipe.

- When ready, take out from oven. Let cool before serving otherwise it is too hot to eat even during winter.

Thoroughly enjoy with your special grilled meat.


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