Grilled Pork Chops With Blueberries And Cubed Sautée Potatoes

A good idea for your today's dinner would be pork chops with a blueberry sauce and cubed potatoes which can be made very easily provided you have the little thingy....
You will need:
Serves 2
-  2 Pork chops with as little bone as possible (depends on your relations with your butcher).
-  1 cup frozen blueberries.
-  4 potatoes sliced and cubed as above.
-  Butter to sautée cubed potatoes.
-  3 Tbsp. brown sugar for the blueberries
-  1/8 cup red wine for the blueberries
-  1 knob butter for the blueberries.
-  1 tsp. herbes de Provence for the potatoes.
-  1 Tbsp. oregano for pork chops.
-  Salt, pepper, freshly ground nutmeg for the saute potatoes.
-  Olive oil for the pork chops.
-  Parboil the cubed potatoes, strain , then saute uncovered on medium  heat till they are slightly browned and crisp. Add salt and pepper, nutmeg and Herbes de Provence.
Potato Cube Cutter

-  Heat frozen blueberries in a pan till they thaw in their juice. Add a knob of butter, stir till melted, bring to a boil, add the wine, stir till all wine odor escapes, add sugar, stir till sauce is thick. Turn off heat set aside.

-  Heat your kitchen stove-top grill very well and place your pork chops, 5 minutes pressing hard with fork to form those grill lines, add some olive oil, the oregano, salt and pepper.
-  Over turn pork chops another 5 minutes.
-  Keep turning them  until they are well cooked.
Serve with blueberry sauce and cubed sautée potatoes.



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