Salmon Cream Tartlettes... Nothing Goes To Waste

Dear friends a few days ago we had baked filet of salmon on a bed of leeks. The filet was taken from a frozen, headless, wild Pacific pink salmon. Being left with the backbone, the tail, the fins, and lots of debris,  I boiled them all together to obtain the stock and the fish meat left on the backbone etc. which I froze in -18 degrees Celsius. Curiously enough, the day I wanted to use it,  I got about three hundred grams of fish meat out of this operation, and about 300 ml of fish stock...Nothing should go to waste in the kitchen. A tartlettes filling was prepared out of nothing. I had 12 tartlettes shells in my deep freeze from 3 weeks ago and so I was all set to make an appetizer.
To prepare 12 Salmon Cream Tartlettes as an appetizer you will need:
Serves 6 persons -  2 each.
-  300 gr. of salmon obtained from boiling the debris.
-  300 ml of strained salmon fish stock.

-  3 Tbsp. of flour.
-  1 Tbsp. of fresh cream.
-  30 gr. of fresh butter.
-  Salt, pepper.
-  Juice of 1 lemon.
-  Parsley for decoration.
-  Make a thickish white sauce using the flour, butter, cream and fish stock.
-  Add the salvaged meat from the bones and back bone.
.  Mix well and adjust salt and pepper.
-  Fill tartlettes with this mixture.

-  Bake for about 7 - 8 minutes.
Serve as an appetizer garnished with some parsley.
Note: You don't need to have fish debris to make a fish stock and to collect the meat. You can make any kind of white sauce, put whole salmon in, and make a cream out of it to fill the tartlettes with.
Best of luck and enjoy!


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