Stove Top Grilled Skinless Chicken With Herbes De Provence

The second lightest and healthiest chicken (boiled is the first) is plainly grilled on a stove top grill at lowest heat for one hour to one hour and fifteen minutes depending on the size of the chicken is the other. It should however be cut in all its pieces. Upper thigh, drumstick, wing, etc......

-  1 whole chicken cut up in all its parts including neck . The breast cut in two, side ways. (Ask your butcher to take off the skin).
-  3 tsp. of Herbes de Provence.
-  No salt (for people who have high blood pressure).
-  Put your grill on minimum heat on a large burner on top of the stove.
-  Lay all parts of the chicken.
-  Sprinkle Herbes de Provence.
-  Let cook for 15 minutes.
-  Turn over the pieces of chicken.
-  Again sprinkle Herbes de Provence.
-  Let cook for 15 minutes.
- Cook at total of 1 hour to 1¼ hours turning every 15 minutes at minimum heat.

Ready to enjoy with your favorite vegetables for example roasted pumpkin and grilled red, yellow, orange peppers.



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