Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Φαγόπυρο....Cracked Buckwheat (Fagopyrum Esculentum In Latin).

Cooked cracked buckwheat  has a glycemic index of 45 (anything less than 55 is good). It is therefore indicated for diabetics (type 2) as a side dish instead of rice. Quinoa is also indicated but we shall talk about this when we shall have a recipe using Quinoa.....
I am thrilled to have found these products which can replace rice, and pasta because lets face it, I need a lot of food to fill me up so lets say these products are "fillers", keep my sugar level down, and I don't feel hungry.

There are ways,  though, that we can cook these various foods in a way which are pleasant and not repulsive as some may find. For example the cracked buckwheat used today, was cooked with natural chicken broth and dried onion. Yesterday the chicken was boiled with one onion, three big carrots, and a bunch of frozen artichoke hearts (put in still frozen) in the pressure cooker. Where I put enough water to cover the chicken, added the rest of the stuff, closed it and counted 20 minutes from the time the steam started. (The heat was lowered to minimum lest the steam shot the valve off!).

Serves 4 as a side dish.
1 cup cracked buckwheat.
2 cups chicken broth boiled.
½ cup dried onion.
No salt no pepper.
-  As soon as the broth boils in a small pan, pour in the buckwheat.
-  Mix, cover and lower heat to minimum.
-  Set your alarm to 20 minutes. When time turn off heat.
That's it. Keep the pan covered till it is time to eat. That's only to keep it warm.

Note No.1 If your chicken has been boiled, the day before, and the broth should have been refrigerated.  Today make sure you get rid of all the hardened accumulated fat on the surface before you use it.

Note No.2 You can use plain water instead of broth.

Now that we are on the subject of buckwheat, you can find buckwheat flour with which you can make crepes and pan cakes on Sunday!! so you don't have to use regular white flour.

Enjoy this light side dish which is not totally hospital food (Hospitals wouldn't use it anyway because it is not cheap).
Bon Appétit,
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