Roasted Goat !!.......Perfect For Easter

Baby Goat (Chevron)
Easter is on Sunday and people who celebrate Easter usually eat lamb. Lately, however, everybody is colesterol conscious and therefore has began eating goat (chevron) instead, because it is leaner.
Butchers usually sell the leg with the shoulder including the ribs and if you are lucky a kidney.
I usually separate the leg, the ribs, and the shoulder and cook each separately in a different way each.
Assuming you will cook everything together, I still would suggest you cut off the ribs and keep them for some other time to serve them like this:

Roast and confit lamb recipe
Photo Courtesy of Google
French Trimmed Bones With No Meat Dangling
You will therefore need:
-  Whatever goat cut you have bought.
-  About 4 cloves of garlic cut in two.
-  8 pieces of fresh rosemary cut from your garden or pot.
-  Cut little pieces of the rosemary so you can insert them with the garlic.
-  Any prepared mustard, Colman's hot or Colman's Savora would be fine.
-  Some olive oil.
-  Salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste.
-  In the morning about 3 hours before you will chuck the goat in the oven, wet your hands with olive oil and lovingly massage the whole piece of goat whispering sweet nothings to it!
-  Repeat the same as above with the mustard.
-  Sprinkle with the pepper. Add salt only before serving.
-  Make holes with a sharp knive in the meaty parts and insert a piece of garlic and a piece of rosemary. Repeat the same for the other 7 pieces of garlic and rosemary.
-  Roast well covered with aluminum foil lined with baking paper in a preheated oven to 200 degree Centigrade for one hour.  Check for doneness. The meat should be nearly ready in which case take the aluminum and baking paper off, and roast for another half an hour.  The meat is ready only when the meat starts falling off the bone. If you like your meat rare then you have to keep checking not to overcook.
-  Only then you can add the desired salt.
-  Wait 15 minutes to carve easier.
-  Serve with roasted potatoes and hot Colman's mustard or mint sauce.
Happy Easter and
Bon Appétit,


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