Remember I Suggested To Always Save Your Sauces?.....Well Yesterday They Came In Handy!!

Yesterday was one heck of a day for all of us and nobody had the time to cook anything. We never call for home delivery such as Pizza, Burgers, etc. (although I personally would loooooooove it) but Maria and Barbara refuse to eat non home made junk food!! So it was either stay without lunch and starve (I would) or think of something.
I did!!! I remembered that somewhere in my deep freeze I had a microwave friendly container with a non-tomato based mixture of  sauces I saved from other days, thawed it just enough to be able to transfer it to a saucepan to heat.
Cooked some quick rigatoni, threw in the sauce, and the parmezan while the pasta was steaming hot, and you could see that pasta absorb that sauce, and the melting cheese.
In the meanwhile Maria prepared a green salad with some left over dressing et voila!!
We make our own dressing...we don't buy that ready stuff!!
Note : The situation was quite cute because our kitchen is smsall, and our backs kept touching...
I am not going to share with you anything new today because I wanted to remind you of this little trick I have already talked to you about.
So are you saving your sauces, tomato based in one container and non-tomato in another??
Hope you do because as you see it is very handy.
Happy Saturday, last day of April, because tomorrow is May 1rst European Labor Day!


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