Egg-Lemon Soup or "Avgo-lémono".... Delicious!!

Hello again today. You will enjoy making something totally Greek. This is a recipe which has been handed down from mothers to daughters since generations . I have no sisters so it was handed down to me. I love this soup...

You will need:
-  2 liters or more of Beef, pork, chicken, or fish broth not stock either freshly cooked or left over from some previous day.
-  2 eggs per 1 juicy lemon or 3 eggs per 2 juicy lemons depending on the quantity of soup and how much you like lemon.
-  Salt and pepper.
Assuming you have freshly cooked broth obtained from boiling beef, a chicken (similar to yesterday's recipe), pork or fish.
-  Take half a liter from the pot and let it cool.
-  In a separate bowl break your eggs, and start beating  until they foam. For this soup the more you  beat the eggs the better to expel the egg back-taste.
-  Start adding your lemon juice very slowly until all the lemon is finished.
-  Add, also very slowly, the cooled broth to the egg/lemon mixture. You should add slowly so that the mixture does not curdle.
-  When finished, taste, season to taste with salt and pepper.
-  Then take this egg/lemon/broth mixture and add it slowly to your pot with the broth which can be hot, stir.
The important point here is that there should be no egg taste, but the taste of lemmon in the soup.
  • This egg/lemon mixture can be left as it is or thickened to your liking with some corn flour to become a sauce. (Although big chefs say that you should never thicken your sauce with corn flour). 
  • This sauce will be the base for many Greek recipes involving proteins in liquid such as Frikassé made with boiled lamb or pork and lots of lettuce,  and rice/meatballs with dill. That's it.
All the best


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