Sole Meunière With Scalloped Almonds And Vapour Baby Skin-On Potatoes

Your recipe for today will be something refined, light but rich. 
Sole Meunière with scalloped almonds and vapour baby skin-on potatoes.
Serves 4 
You Need:
-  4 Frozen Sole fish already cleaned from all bones etc.
-  4 Tbsp. scalloped almonds
-  8 Baby skin-on potatoes
-  Fresh salted butter.
-  Juice of two lemons
-  Very thinly cut parsley.
-  aPepper mill.
-  Thaw fish, strain, and pat dry with kitchen paper.
-  Vapor cook the baby skin-on potatoes. Keep hot.
-  In a large non stick skillet melt enough butter to cover the bottom on a slow fire.
-  When butter is melted and still on the slow fire add the scalloped almonds and sauté till slightly colored. By that time the butter will start to brown.
-  Immediately add the sole, cover and cook 1 1/2 minutes on each side taking care not to break them.
-  Pour the lemon juice on the melted brown butter, mix and spoon on fish.
- Transfer the fish and the scalloped almonds to already warmed oven proof plates.)
-  Add two baby potatoes on each plate, and pour some butter/lemon sauce on both the fish and the potatoes.
-  Add two turns of the pepper mill. Sprinkle the whole lot with parsley.
Bon Appétit


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