A Brand New Year... Make the best of it with only Positive Thinking and Dreams will be coming true!

Wow.. it is January 3rd already. How full are you after all the delicious traditional food you prepared. Recipes that have been handed down from your grandparents to your parents and now to you and your children. It is good to include something new every year, to DARE.
Today's recipe is "Beef Stroganoff" but with my own twist.
Serves 6You need:
-  1 kg Lean beef (not an expensive cut but ask butcher to slice as thinly as possible)
-  1/2 Cup flour
-  Olive oil (Prefer Greek Kalamata Extra Virgin Olive Oil)
-  1 Medium sized onion thinly sliced or cubed whatever is easier for you.
-  3 Cloves garlic passed thru garlic press or well crushed with the palm of your hand.
-  2 tsp Thyme
-  2 Bay Leaves
-  1/2 Tbls Green Pepper Corns (must always keep in your pantry).
-  4 - 5 Slices of Porcini mushrooms (expensive but a small pack will take you a long way:they have a very strong aroma).
-  1 Beef Bouillon cube well dissolved in one cup of water.
-  1/8 Cup Vodka, Brandy or even Ouzo.
-  Salt and Pepper to taste.
-  Cut beef in 2 inch long thin strips.(The thinner the slice the easier and quicker to cut in strips.
-  Coat very well the beef strips with the flour. Discard extra flour.
-  In the meantime add the green pepper corns and the Porcini Mushrooms to the already dissolved bouillon cube, and bring to a boil and let boil.
-  Heat up oil, add onion and garlic and stir fry till onion is soft.(By stir-frying I mean keep stirring while frying so the temperature remains low preventing the onion and garlic to color so the food will be easily digestible).
-  Add meat, mix well, stir fry till turns grey, add the Thyme and Bay leaves.
-  Add liquor and flambé...wait for the flame to die down.
-  Add the boiling water with the pepper corns and Porcini Mushrooms, stir and check sauce thickness, if too thick add some hot water, if too thin let simmer till desired thickness is obtained. Taste. (The green pepper corns and Mushrooms will give their beautiful aroma). Add salt and pepper to taste.
-  Remove Bay Leaves.
Serve with plain white rice, and a Green Salad of your choice.
(Basmati or Thai rice are not used in this recipe)


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