Purée Of Lentils....Yet A Different Way

There is no two ways about it, lentils are good for you...read this:

* www.tandurust.com on Google: Lentil Nutrition Information: Facts Of Nutritional Value Of Lentils

 Nutritional values of lentil are:
  • Proteins
  • Essential amino acids.
  • Dietary fiber.
  • Folates
  • Vitamins and minerals.

Nutritional Value Of Cooked Lentils

Values for boiled lentils without salt with serving size 198 gms or 1 cup.

  • Calories= 230.
  • Fat= 1gm.
  • Cholesterol=0mg
  • Protein=18gm
  • Carbohydrate= 38gm.
  • A= 15 IU
  • C= 3 mg
  • D=—-
  • E=0.3mg
  • K=3.5mcg
  • Folate= 350 mcg
  • Choline=64mg.
  • Calcium= 35mg
  • Iron=6mg
  • Magnesium=71mg
  • Phosphorus=350mg
  • Potassium= 700mg
  • Selenium=5mcg.
Now for the fun part:

You will need for today's recipe:
Serves 6
-  500 grms brown lentils well washed.
-  Water to cover and then some.
-  4 bay leaves.
-  4 cloves garlic crushed and finely cut.
-  1 1/2 Tbsp. chili powder ( the kind you use for chili con carne). It is not at all hot and has a back taste of cumin.
-  3 Tbsp. fresh cream.
-  Salt and freshly ground black pepper.
-  In deep saucepan add the lentils, bay leaves, garlic and chili powder cover with boiling water and cook till lentils are tender.  You may have to add more boiling water when you see them dry.
-  When the lentils are cooked, there shouldn't be any water left but should be moist.
-  Mash with the vertical blender/mixer until smooth.

-  Add fresh cream to your liking and blend in.
-  Season with salt and freshly ground pepper.
Serve as an entrée with a piece of focaccia and some parsley in the middle for decoration or on the side with sardines or any other omega 3 rich fish.
Bon Appétit


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