Black And White Chocolate With Cereal And Strawberry Jello / Yogurt Topping

Happy Sunday!! Time for our sweet!! Yey!! Maria has been experimenting the past two days on this cake and she would like to share it with you all.  We would really appreciate your feedback and comments on it as it is her idea of a fresh yet chocolatty cake for spring where the weather is not so hot but yet not that cold either.
To give you a general idea of what this cake is about, it is a three layered cake where the bottom layer is a milk chocolate, a black chocolate and nuts mixed with breakfast cereal to make it crunchy, the middle layer is white chocolate with cereal, and the top layer is a strawberry jello made with yogurt and decorated with Strawberries. If you like the sound of this continue reading.....
You will need:
Serves 16 pieces using a 26 cms. mold.
-  400 gms. milk chocolate with nuts.
-  100 gms. dark chocolate 60-70% cocoa.
-  300 gms. white chocolate.
-  150 gms. of Kellog's Special K "classic" breakfast cereal medium crushed.
-  150 gms. of Kellog's Special K "stracciatella" breakfast cereal medium crushed if you can if not use the "classic".
-  224 gms. of butter fresh butter.
-  1 1/2 cups of whipping cream.
-  200 gms of  strawberry jello powder.
-  400 ml. boiling water.
-  100 ml. cold water.
-  250 ml. of Greek thick yogurt (10% fat).  If you cannot find this yogurt a plain one will do.
 A)  For the bottom chocolate layer:
-  On a double boiler (bain-marie) melt together the dark chocolate, the milk chocolate and half of the butter (112 gms), and half the cream (3/4 cup) till you get a homogenius fluid mixture.  Mix in the medium crushed "stracciatella".
-  Line the base of a 26 cms. spring mold detachable wall, with baking paper and pour the above to make the first layer.
-  Refrigerate for one hour till set.
B) For the white chocolate layer:
-  On a double boiler (bain-marie) melt together the white chocolate the rest of the butter and the rest of the cream.  Mix well into a homogenius fluid and add the medium crushed "classic"cereal, mix. Let cool.
-  Spoon the white chocolate and spread evenly on the dark chocolate. Refrigerate until set about an hour.
C) For the Strawberry Jello and yogurt layer:
-  In a sauce pan add the strawberry jello powder, add the 400 ml of boiling water, away from the heat,  add the cold water and stir till all the jello has dissolved completely. Let cool.
-  Start adding the yogurt. With a wire whisk blend in all the yogurt until it has all been incorporated. Let cool completely in fridge for about 15 minutes. Do not get scared when you see the yogurt sort of curdle when it hits the jello mixture, it will smooth away by whisking and you will obtain a pink fluid.
-  Pour half the quantity over the two layers of chocolate until set ( the mixture becomes creamy due to the yogurt) about half an hour.
-  Pour the rest when you see the first layer creamy, and forget about it till next morning about 8 hours.
-  When set it looks like the photo far up left, and when decorated, on the right.
"Sweets are like men you have to be patient with them!!" ....Maria Mamatis



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