Dressing For Asparagus...Delicate

Une Botte D'Asperge!
Photo Courtesy Of Google

Spring is the time for asparagus. You can eat asparagus every day in a different manner. There are many ways to prepare this delicate and refined vegetable so it needs special handling, care and preparation. I will not go further to explain more about the how's and the do's but I will share with you a dressing recipe a friend of mine gave me a few years ago.
You will need:
-  500 ml of full fat cream.
-  1 Tbsp.  prepared mustard (Dijon by Maille).
-  1 Tbsp.  lemon juice.
-  Salt and Pepper to taste.
-  Wipp cream until it starts to set. 
-  Start adding mustard and lemon slowly.
-  Add salt and white pepper to taste.
Et Voila!


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