Shrimp Loaf........Light, As The Days Grow Warmer

Has anybody heard of a shrimp loaf?
I certainly haven't!! As I was in our local supermarket the other day I felt like eating shrimp. So I bought 500 gms. of medium to small shrimp which really looked good for tempura or butterfly deep fried shrimp.
So today I felt like doing something with the shrimp I thought of liquifying them, with bread, eggs, fresh cream, cognac, tarragon some salt and pepper, chuck the mixture after adding some coarsely cut parsley and red chili pieces for decoration, in a loaf mold and cook it in double boiler fashion, in the oven and see what would come out.
I liked it so did Maria but Barbara my daughter so and so. So my recipe had a 75% success. Not bad.
I am therefore going to share this recipe with you guys and I will give a typical Greek "Komboloy" (worry beads) to the person who will give me the best idea of how to improve it, not change it.

You will need:
Serves  6
-  500 gms. shrimps cleaned.
-  12 slices of white square bread.
-  200 ml of fresh cream.
-  5 whole eggs.
-  1 Tbsp.dry taragon.
-  5 Tbsp. cognac, armagnac, or brandy.
-  Some parsley roughly chopped.
-  Some slices of chili, red bell pepper pieces, or some red pepper corns (baies roses in French).
-  Blend and liquify the whole lot together till you get a creamy soft mixture.
-  Blend in the parsley and the red peppers, the red bell peppers, or red pepper corns (baies roses) for decoration.
-  Spoon into a 26 cms. loaf mold and bain marie in the oven for one hour and twenty minutes at 150 degrees centigrade.
- Serve on a rectangular dish and slice at table.
-  You could use some home made mustard mayonaise mixed with some ketchup (cocktail sauce).
I would appreciate your comments.  Of course if I don't get any, I will know you loved it!!

Bon Appétit


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