Epiphany 2013 Lunch

Epiphany 2013 lunch turned out to be one heck of a meal and..... quite a job to prepare!! The perfect cooperation between Maria and myself. Maria prepared the veggies, roasted potatoes, the sweets, and the Vassilopita while I prepared the Escargot (Snails) Bourguignon, Stuffed Pasta and the Beef Wellington. The menu was as follows.......


-  Snails Bourguignon

-  Spinach, Ricotta Cheese, Parmesan, Mixed Nut Stuffed Pasta Shells.

Main Course:

-  Beef Wellington

-  Duck Fat Roasted Red Potatoes

-  The Veggies

  • Buttered purée of a mixture of carrots and sweet potato.
  • Crisp grated black potatos.
  • Fresh Brussels sprouts sauteed with bacon and smoked pork.
  • Boiled beetroot leaves (separate plate but no picture).
The Desserts

-  Chestnut Pannacotta Topped With A Valrona 72% Chocolate Ganache.

-  Doughnut puffs.

Sorry for the bad picture...forgot to take a proper one.

-  The Vassilopita - The New Year's Cutting Of The Cake Containing The Lucky Coin - To Whom It May Go.

Eleni Psihouli Version

Stelios Parliaros Version

Happy New Year 2013 ---- And Most Of All Health And Love To Everybody!!
P.S. A separate recipe for each of the above will be posted during the next few days.


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