Chestnut Pannacotta

There are many types of pannacotta. This is one of them which suits the season. Chestnuts are usually consumed during the Christmas Holidays.....

Serves 6 -8 cup molds or one big Charlotte mold.

-  400 gr fresh cream 35%.
-  300 gr fresh milk.
-  100 gr castor sugar.
-  350 gr ready to use chestnuts.
-  4 gelatine leaves.

For the chocolate ganache:

-  200 gr Venezuelan origin araguani (72%) Valrhona chocolate.
-  100 ml cream 35%.
-  50 ml milk. or as needed to make it a velvety fluid.
-  1 tsp. honey to give the ganache a glossy look.

-  Warm cream, milk and sugar till sugar is dissolved.
-  Put gelatine in cold water to soften.
-  Process chestnuts into a pulp.
-  Strain the gelatine leaves (once soft) and add to warm cream/milk mixture and stir till gelatine is dissolved.
-  Add to processed chestnuts mix and beat with a hand held processor.
-  Pour into little cup molds, cover with cling film and refrigerate for at least six hours or overnight.
-  You can use a single big Charlotte mold instead of individual cups. However, to make sure that the pannacotta comes out easily, line the mold with cling film, cover, and refrigerate.

-  Pour some ganache over the top and serve individually or slice in portions.



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