Brussels Sprouts....Always Present On Festive Tables.

I cannot say I love this vegetable but when properly prepared and eaten very rarely it will go down! This time Maria chose to saute them with bacon, and  Greek sage smoked pork called Σύγκλινο Μανής (Siglino Manis)
After doing the necessary washing, getting rid of the first yellow ugly leaves, cutting a cross on their base Maria blanched them for 4 minutes dipped them in cold water with ice in order to maintain their vivid green color and most importantly to stop the cooking....

In a large skillet, to keep the Brussels Sprouts in one layer, good fresh butter with some olive oil and a couple of branches of thyme was melted, and when hot enough, the bacon cut into bits together with the sage smoke pork were sauteed for a few minutes till crisp.  The Brussels Sprouts and the already cooked chestnuts were then added and cooked uncovered for about 4 to 5 minutes.Salt, pepper, and roughly chopped parsley were added for extra flavor at the end. Turn off heat, cover thus letting the flavors circulate and mix. Et voila!

 - Serve in a bowl as shown above together with carrot puree and the crunchy crisp black potatoes. The whole platter was called The Veggies 2013. Hope you like the food styling.



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