Quiche Lorraine With Heineken Beer...

Here is a fantastic recipe directed only to men. With all due respect to the ladies who are excluded this time.
The other day I made a beautiful quiche Lorraine.  In fact I'll be making another one tonight with Bud beer instead which works equally well.
You will need: 
Serves 5-6
-  Preparation time 15 min.
-  Cooking time 30 min.
-  Baking Temperature 250 degrees C or thermostat 8.
-  1 round puff pastry sheet.
-  3 whole eggs
-  300 ml fresh cream .
-  250 ml fresh milk.
-  300 gm smoked bacon.
-  150 gm grated emmental.
-  Salt, pepper and nutmeg.
-  1 Six pack Heineken beer.
Required Equipment:
-  An electric mixer.
-  1 round tart mold.
-  1 salad bowl.
-  1 woman.
-  Combine woman, eletric mixer,salad bowl, smoked bakon etc. in the kitchen and close the door  so that the smell of frying bacon does not go everywhere in the house.
-  Sit comfortably in the living room in front of the TV with the six pack of Heineken. Drink beer for about 45 minutes to an hour.
-  Ask to be served.
-  You cannot imagine what an exquisite feeling this is and needs practically no effort (except lifting your hand to drink).
Bon Appétit!!

I received this joke in French language from a very good friend of mine in Paris. Please no offense ladies.


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