Fried Whole Baby Calamari....In A Taverna By The Aegian Blue

Something went wrong and I erased all pictures taken for the Tuna Fish Dip and for this dish. I will make it up to you guys very soon. I am sorry....
So....I would like to share with you (with no illustrations) this simple but very Greek dish called Fried Calamari. Please note that the Calamari are whole and not in rings as usually served in taverns. You could have seen the size in the pictures. These are very small, and have their teeny weeny tentacles attached to them.
You will need:
Serve 4
-  1 kg of frozen calamari, thawed, tentacles separated from the main body, washed, and dried as best as you can ( on kitchen pape or any other way you can think of ).
-  Lots of flour on hand.
-  Salt, garlic powder, pepper, cayenne to add to the flour.
-  Lots of olive oil (olive oil starts smoking at about 185 to 204 degrees C) so it is healthier to fry in olive oil than other oils which break down at lower temperatures.
-  Lemon wedges.
-  Kitchen paper to absorb the extra oil after they are fried.
-  The calamari should be refrigerated and cold.
-  Combine salt, pepper, cayenne, and garlic powder with the flour which is going to be used to coat the calamari. Mix the flour well and taste it from a teaspoon with the tip of your tongue. Adjust.
- Coat the bodies and the tentacles well with flour and return to the fridge for at least one hour.
-  When it is time to fry the calamari, re-coat the calamari with same flour or a new batch.
-  Fry in small numbers till golden in preheated to 175 degrees C olive oil after shaking extra flour. Every time you put a new batch of calamari to fry the temperature must be at 175 degrees C.  The temperature of the oil goes down when the calamari is put in.
-  Place on kitchen paper to absorb extra oil.
-  When all the calamari is fried, transfer to the actual serving platter which also has some kind of absorbent paper on it.
-  Serve with lemon wedges, and a Horiatiki Salata me feta (Greek Salad with feta) and lots of hot crisp fresh bread to soak the salad juices with the olive oil, and lots of cold beer. Wow!! A meal to have a long siesta after.


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