Involtoni Di Manzo "Anastasia"....Stuffed Beef Rolls In Wine "Anastasia"

My sister in law is of Italian background and sure is a good cook. She used to make these rolls years ago when we all had just moved  to Greece from our respective countries overseas. I loved these rolls so I asked Anastasia for the recipe which I would like to share with you. She used veal instead of beef and hard yellow cheese instead of cottage cheese or "Myzithra".  In any case I made them according to my taste.
To make these rolls you need:
Serves 3.    Two per person.
-  6 pieces of extra thinly cut beef pounded very thin.
 -  3 hard boiled eggs halved.
-  30 leaves of fresh sage.
One Extra Egg To Eat While Cooking
-  6 cloves of garlic.
-  6 small pieces of cottage cheese or  fresh "Myzithra.
-  ¼ cup red wine.
-  1 cup beef broth.
-  1 tsp. Beef "Bisto" brand sauce thickener if necessary.
-  Salt and freshly ground pepper.
-  Fresh butter and some olive oil to sauté.
-  Enough toothpicks to hold the rolls together which have to be taken off before serving. 
The making of rolls:
-  Using the special meat hammer flatten the thin beef slices to make them large enough to roll and hold the stuffing.
-  Add salt and pepper one beef slice.
-  Chop one clove garlic into fine pieces and add in the center of the beef.
-  Add the cheese over the garlic.

-  Add 5 fresh sage leaves on the cheese.
-  Top with ½ boiled egg sliced.
-  Roll beef and hold together with tooth pics.
-  Repeat the same method for the other five pices.
Cooking the rolls:
-  Melt some fresh butter with the olive oil in a large enough skillet to hold the 6 rolls.
-  Saute the 6 rolls on high heat till all sides are good and brown.
-   Add ¼ cup red wine, and cook a little longer on high heat until all the alcohol has gone.
-  Add a cup of boiling beef broth, stir, lower heat, cover and simmer for an hour till beef is nice and tender and the sauce is "reduced" to the desired thickness.  Baste with syringe to keep meat moist.  If you see the sauce dangerously diminishing add some more boiling beef broth. If sauce is still too liquid, then transfer sauce to a saucepan, and reduce. If it still does not thicken then add the tsp. of "Bisto" stir until the sauce thickens.  Pour over meat.
-  With a clean pair of tongues pull out all the toothpicks leaving none behind. The meat will not unravel.
Serve with scalloped potatoes and a mixed salad.

Bon Appétit,


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