How To Peel And Dice An Onion....

How to peel and dice an onion:
Peeling the Onion:   Consider the onion resembling Earth with its north pole and south pole.
-  Cut off both poles.
-  Make a slit with your knife from one pole to the other similar to a longitude.
-  With your knife unwrap the onion its first or second layers.
Et voila !
Dicing the onion:  Again here you consider the onion resembling Earth.
-  Now that you have peeled the onion, cut it from pole to pole in half (not around the equator).
-  Take one half lay it on its flat side on your working surface.
-  Make sure the the bottom of the onion is facing away from you.
-  With a sharp knife cut 2 or 3 ( horizontally to the your working surface) cuts as far in as you can go
without cutting through the bottom.
-  Then make as many cuts as you want perpendicular to your working surface.
-  Now, holding this half of the onion together with your left hand (if you are right handed) with your right hand and a sharp knife cut perpendicular to the working surface to as small dices as you need for your recipe.
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