Strawberry Jam.....What else ?

It may sound funny to you but I am absolutely sure that there may be some of you out there in this whole wide world who would love to find out how to quickly make strawberry jam.
Depending on how much jam you want to make the proportion of strawberries to sugar is always 2:1
Since Barbara loves strawberry Jam on hot toast with melting salted butter, and since we are slowly coming to the end of the strawberry season in Greece, I went ahead and made some.
You will need:
-  2 kg of strawberries.
-  1  kg of caster sugar.
-  Soak the strawberries for 2 - 3 hours in water.
-  Drain, and refill with water, drain again, repeat two to three times.
-  While still in water tear off stems.

Let Soak For 2 - 3 Hours Wi
-  Any big strawberries cut in two.
-  Wash quickly once more and transfer to a pot large enough to contain them.
-  Add the sugar, cover and let stand overnight.

-  Next day you boil for 30 minutes stirring occasionally so they don't boil over and dirty your stove top.
-  When time is up turn off the fire and let cool completely.
-  Transfer into sterilized jars.
Now you have strawberry jam to enjoy for breakfast, top your cheesecake, or fill your pie.
With Love,


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