Charcoal Grilled Sea Bass......Summer Is Approaching!!

Fish After Thawing
If you spear fish, or just like to eat big fresh, just out of the sea fish, the best way to eat it is grilled on charcoal. Charcoal grilling gives this special grilled/charcoal flavor.

You can see where the spear hit the fish
Just below the head and gills.

I wish I were still in a good enough physical shape to continue snorkeling, and spear fishing like in the good old days in the Red Sea down in Hurghada and Safaga of Egypt. We always went in pairs never alone watching each others backs due to the sharks and the barracudas.
This beauty was caught by a friend of Barbara's somewhere in the south of Greece, immediately deep frozen and we had it two days later. You can see where it was hit...perfect just below the head. Once again the predator in us has emerged! And ended up on our plate!!
So if you are at the fish market, real early in the morning, or waited for the fishing boats to come in with their catch and you find any known big fish weighing around 2.5 kg buy it, and have the fisherman clean it for you but ask him not to take the scales off. The reason is you would not want the fish to stick on the grill. This way you can turn it as many times as you want and the skin will not stick.
You will need:
Serves 4-6
-  1 sea bass or whatever big fish of good quality weighing around 2.5 kgs. well cleaned. If you are lucky it may be a female and get the roe which is delicious.
-  Salt, pepper, some oregano, oil, and lots of lemon juice.
-  Make three equally spaced slits with a sharp knife on each side of the fish across the back bone to help it cook faster.
I had to clean the fish and discovered that it had two pouches of roe so kept them separate.
Generally speaking:
-  Take off gills and pull out everything which goes with them.
-  With a sharp knife open the stomach and take out whatever is in there, if you find fish roe and you like it, keep it if not throw it away.
-  Cut all the flip flops left right up and below.
-  Now it is ready to add salt, pepper, oil, oregano and lemon juice.
-  Light the charcoal wait till it is all grey, pull all to one side, and put the fish on the other side of the barbeque. Close the top and check it every 15 minutes. At one point put the roe in a skillet to cook as well.
Fish Ready To Go On The Grill

Few Pieces Of Charcoal Below,
Majority Is Far.

Fish Roe Pouches Cooking In
Oil and Lemon In A
Skillet On Charcoal

For Chili Lovers.
 The pictures speak for themselves.

Rule of thumb to know if fish is cooked or not:

  •  Whole fish with bone Cut along the back bone with a flat wide sharp object then try to raize the flesh. If it comes off the bone easily, then it is cooked.
  One hour later the fish of this weight is ready to serve with Greek Salad, Potato Salad and a chilled white "Flisvos" by Tsandali.
Bon Appétit


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