Marinade No.1 For Pork Chops...............Time To Grill

A marinade is a composition of ingredients mixed together and added to a piece of protein to tenderize, enhance the taste and to impress your friends.
A marinade can be a liquid or solid. I would like to share with you the best and tastiest way I like to eat my pork chops. 
Your will need:
Serves 4
-  4 pork chops.
-  Olive oil (exctra virgin)
-  Thyme.
-  Salt and lots of freshly ground green pepper.
-  3-4 hours before you grill the pork chops, add lots of oil, and massage them lovingly with you hands to make sure the oil penetrates the meat and goes everywhere.
-  2 Tbsp. of dry thyme also rubbed in. (Half Tbsp. for each chop)
-  Salt (pork needs lots of salt) and a fair amount of freshly ground green pepper rubbed both sides of
the chops.
-  Cover the platter tightly with cling film till it is time to grill.
-  When the time comes, you will see that most of everything has been absorbed by the meat.
-  Add just a little bit of oil and place over a very hot grill.
-  Leave for 2 minutes pressing hard on top of  them to make the grill lines you enjoy so much. Two minutes later turn the chops by 45 degree angle and press again to obtain the beautiful rhombic marks.
-  Two minutes later flip them and repeat the previous step.
-  With a sharp knife cut along the bone to check for doneness, if the pork is not yet cooked (pork has to be fully cooked but not dry) then flip again and grill for one minute more on each side.
-   When done add some lemon and serve.
Bon Appétit:

Please allow me to share with you a couple of thoughts on grilling vs. barbecuing because very few people are experts in both. I know I am not in barbecueing.
-  I would definetely recommend my readers who love to barbecue to subscribe to  by Derrick Riches. This young man knows his stuff and can give you loads of information on anything you would like to know regarding barbecues, grills, recipes, and how to's.  The full Monty. He will also answer any of your questions personally and quickly.
-  I on the other hand will give you my humble personal opinion and experience.
-  The indoor grill used on your kitchen stove (gas as opposed to electric), is the best for small quantity grilling. Whatever you grill on there comes out perfect because you have full control of the heat.  However you would want to have good kitchen aeration. 
-  The outdoor grill, is more complicated. Everybody talks about barbecuing which by the way is not grilling. Barbecuing is slow, long time cooking. Grilling is quick, over relatively hot charcoal.
-  Modern technology has lately given us the Gas Barbecue. Cooking over lava rock, and the possibility to increase or lower the heat in an instant, makes it quick and easy to barbecue or grill. The lava rock gives a hint of that special charcoal taste that has no match.  Gas barbecue manufacturing companies apparently have now replaced the lava rock with some other means of transmitting heat. I really do not agree.


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