BBQ Chicken With Roesti & Grilled Corn

It is Sunday, as the word says it Sun...Day, a beautiful Autumn day for barbecuing. So since we were well stocked on veggies and protein, we decided to cook everything on the barbecue, BBQ Pit Boys style....
As they say everything you can cook on your stove you can cook on your grill whatever brand it is even if it is not a Weber. My barbecue kettle is a Roesle, company built in Germany since 1888. As I wanted to buy a new, modern grill I searched and searched the Greek market but apparently I did not search enough. I could have never imagined that Weber was very well represented north of Athens.

When I found this Roesle kettle with the charcoal baskets, the 60 cm in diameter, and grate with opening side flaps to add more charcoal when needed, I bought it. It was not cheap.

So to make my today's barbecue for just the three of us we needed:

  • 1 medium size chicken skin on cut through the back bone. Did not eliminate it. Opened it flat.

  • 2 Big corns on the cob with all the leaves on it and immersed in water for the whole morning.

  • 5 medium potatoes, pealed, parboiled for 3 minutes and thickly grated.
This grater belonged to Maria's grandmother.

  • Barbecue sauce BBQ Pit boys style but with a little doctoring from myself.
  • Rub, also BBQ Pit Boys Style also doctored by me for the chicken.
  • Some butter to baste corn and grated potatoes.

  • All requirements for a salad for all you Vegematics* out there!! Maria made it. I will included the recipe. 

  • Salt, pepper, and nutmeg for the grated potatoes.
* Vegematic according to the Bob Ahlgren head mama in charge of the BBQ Pit Boys, is a person who eats vegetables as opposed to people who do not and eat just meat.

  • Rub your home-made rub all the chicken above and under the skin.
  • Let it rest for a couple of hours.
  • Immerse using a heavy weight the corn ears in water to to soak the enveloping leaves.
  • Light your charcoal.
  • Put the lit charcoal in boxes on each end of the grate just under the flaps. 
  • Clean your grid with the wire brush.
  • Set your chicken skin side up.opened between the two charcoal baskets for indirect cooking.
  • Set your well buttered bbq plate with the grated potatoes also between the two charcoal baskets.
  • Close the bbq lid and forget about it for at least one hour at about 175 degrees C.
  • Half an hour before your are done with the chicken and the potatoes, add your corn making sure you took off the hair from inside.Keep them covered with their leaves.
  • During the last half an hour bast the chicken with the bbq sauce, and the corn with butter.

When one and half hours passed, the chicken is ready falling off the bone, the potatoes are nice and crisp on top, and the corn is cooked and juicy.


Mix cubed tomatoes, fresh louisa herb, fresh mint, finely chopped scallions, with dollops of honey mustard and extra virgin olive oil. Lousia herb has a strong flavor of lemon all served in a rectangular plate.

Enjoy if you understood anything from what I explained above!!


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