Pasta With Canned Sardines...Quickest Lunch Yet!!

After nearly a year of daily posting I sort of feel close to my readers and would like to believe that they are close to me. What would blogging be anyway if we cannot express our feeling, sentiments, ideas, mess-ups, successes etc. Today all three of us, (by now you guys should know that we are three in the family). Barbara was in Piraeus, Maria and I were running after three important meetings where both of us had to attend together. This meant there was no food at home for lunch. So here's what we did...

Luckily hot water came out of the tap as soon as we ran it, put 5 liters of steaming water in the pasta pot, covered it, put it on the stove on high heat. A few minutes later the water was boiling, threw in 3 tsp. salt, threw in the baby penne, 8 minutes later they were ready. Drained, covered the bottom of the pot with olive oil, threw in chili flakes, dry garlic slices and  stirred for 15 seconds. Threw in the pasta turned a couple of times mixed et voila. At table every one had his own can of sardines. I put the whole can ( including the juices ) on my pasta. Barbara and Maria kept their sardines in the can and nibbled while eating the pasta. We all sprinkled some Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, what the heck!!
Delicious and very quick.
Serves 3.
-  500 gr. baby penne rigate.
-  ½ cup olive oil.
-  1 Tbsp. chili flakes. ( very optional ).
-  1 Tbsp. dehydrated garlic slices.
-  3 cans of sardines (one for every person).
-  Cook pasta and drain.
-  Heat oil in pot.
-  Add chili flakes and dry garlic.
-  Stir-fry 15 seconds.
-  Serve.


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