Remember The Condiment Oil We Made On July 22nd 2011??...

Good morning everybody and Happy Thanksgiving. Today is a big and long day for most Families in the United States and abroad serving their country or working there. The greater part of the day will be spent in the kitchen preparing all those goodies and I come in to remind you of those condiment oils we prepared together on July 22nd 2011. I had put mine in the fridge, forgot about them and hadn't used any since. Well last night I opened them and the aroma from the oil from each was fantastic.
You can use the rosemary olive oil for your salad today, or fill a lidded serving cup with the hot olive oil and chilies or use your basil oil in any of your preparations.
So you have all these delicious oils, you can use in your cooking today and to spice up your pallets all through the holidays.
Happy Holiday Season. Yey!!!!


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