Darne De Saumon Au Beurre...Buttered Slice Of Wild Pacific Pink Salmon.

Pacific Wilde Pink Salmon From Alaska.
As we have already mentioned in my previous posts on salmon, wild salmon is leaner than the that obtained from  aquaculture. The wild salmon has ocean as its habitat with lots of exercise while the other has a limited space crammed with other salmon and does nothing except eat and swim around lazily in its confined space. A leaner salmon means a salmon whose fat does not nauseate you. By eating more fat does not mean ingesting more Omega 3. Pacific Salmon is pink by nature and does not have this strong orange color as that of the Atlantic fisheries which sometime even add dye to make them "appear appetizing". In conclusion whenever we can find Pink Pacific Salmon from Alaska we buy it and is at a fraction of the price of the other one. Today I wold like to share with you plain saute salmon with lemon,butter,sage sauce....

Salmon Cut In Slices As Opposed To Filet. In French D a r n e = slice, P a v e t = Filet
You will need:
Serves 3
-  Three of the above slices of salmon.
-  30 gr of good quality fresh butter plus some olive oil.
-  5-10 fresh sage leaves or 3 dried.
-  Juice of one lemon.
-  Salt and freshly ground black pepper.
-  Heat non-stick skillet and melt butter add the oil.
-  When oil / butter mixture is hot, add sage leaves and place your three salmon slices.
-  Lower heat to medium low and cook one side for 3 minutes then the other for another 3 minutes.
-  Make sure the skin comes off easily, throw it away.
-  Add lemon juice mix with olive oil / butter mixture and spoon over the salmon.
-  Give it a couple of turns of the pepper mill and some thick salt.
Serve with the sage leaves,  roasted potatoes and steamed broccoli
Bon Appétit,


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