Stuffed Turkey Breast With Cheese, Red Bell Peppers And Mushrooms...

Sorry No Picture As Soon As It Came Out Of The Oven . We Were In A Hurry To Eat!
I don't know why every time we buy a whole breast of turkey I feel like stuffing it with something or other. That's because we don't usually find turkey breasts at our local super market.  We should have bought the whole lot!! So this time I thought of stuffing it with sweet red bell peppers, mushrooms, and Greek melting Cheese. I usually use a special oven proof net to put the stuffed whatever as per photo. It is very handy to keep all the stuffing in place and when you don't know how to string it.
If you would like to stuff a large piece of turkey breast, then you will need:
Serves 6
-  A pack of turkey breast weighing about 1.2 kg.

-  500 gr of common small white fresh mushrooms washed and cut in four.
-  2 red bell peppers cut julienne.

-  300 gr of Kasseri or Cheddar cut in inch wide slices.
-  Salt, pepper, rosemary sprigs.
-  Some olive oil.
-  Some slices of hot chili (optional).
-  Extra olive oil to saute the mushrooms and peppers. 

-   Saute the mushrooms and the red bell peppers in some olive oil till the mushrooms have expelled all their liquids and the pepper strips are soft. Set aside and let cool.
-  Cut the turkey breast open.
 -  Flatten it with the heavy utensil.
-   Pour some olive oil to coat the turkey on all sides.
-  Add some rosemary, salt and pepper.
-  Add the chili slices (optional).
-  Add the cooled mushrooms and  peppers.
-  The cheese slices.
-  Roll to close,  attaching sides with pins, until you can enter the stuffed turkey into the stuffer.

-  Lay the turkey as shown oven proof paper lined dish and bake for 1 hour in 200 degree C.
-  When time is up take out from oven and let stand for about 10 minutes, dispose of the net, the pins and slice.
Serve with thinly sliced saute potatoes and steamed broccoli.


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