Grapefruit...The Neglected Breakfast Fruit

Grapefruit For Two
Grapefruit is one of the most disregarded and neglected fruits ever!  This fruit is also one of the healthiest existing fruits. Under normal health conditions dieticians will always include half a grapefruit for breakfast. There are several types of grapefruit, such as the yellow and pink. It...
Notice The Bend On The Blade
Grapefruit Knife
dissolves fat in the body, has a low Glycemic Index (does not contain as much sugar as other fruits)  and lowers cholesterol when eaten regularly. This fruit has a high Vitamin C content and rich in Anti-oxidants.  However, people who take medication for high blood pressure should avoid grapefruit because it inhibits the absorption of the drug by the body and lowers the effect of the medication. I know, this because I take high blood pressure medication. (No wonder I have high blood pressure with all this food!!).
Grapefruit Knife Courtesy Of Wikipedia On Google
For regular young folk especially ladies who would like to maintain their figure, half a grapefruit every morning is advisable even if it has a taste which " ranges from highly acidic and somewhat bitter to sweet and tart". ( from Wikipedia On Google).Grapefruit.
Method to serve grapefruit is as shown above in picture and as follows:
-  Using the special grapefruit knife shown below, insert blade with the bend towards the center of the fruit.
-  Start cutting around the pulp as close to the white part of the rind as possible while simultaneously trying to cut it loose.
-  When you are sure that the pulp is now loose from the rind, cut it in pieces so it will be easy to spoon.
-  By adding a cherry or a grape or any other fruit in the center makes it presentable.
Enjoy this healthy fruit.


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