How To Steam Brocolli And Get It Right Every Time.

Sometimes we cook things which by luck come out good without knowing the why or the how.  I have found, after trial and error,  the exact timing to steam Broccoli ....

Preparing the Broccoli for the steaming process:
-  You cut the stem at the point where the florets begin.
-  Wash the whole piece up side down so the water can enter the vegetable.
-  Wash from the top as well.
-  Peel the stems getting rid of the hard "bark"
-  What's inside is deliciously crunchy and does not really need to be cooked. Try it.
 To steam:
 -  You can use the steamer. Or make one up. A pot, a colander, and a lid to cover the colander.
-  Put about two liters of water in the pot on a back medium sized burner.
-  Cover pot with the colander and cover.
-  When the water boils and you see steam coming out it is time to add the broccoli.
-  Steam for exactly 8 minutes if you will eat it immediately.
-  Or 7 minutes when there is still time for the meal.
That is it!
If you wish you can put a few drops of Worcestershire sauce (Lea & Perrins or Cross & Blackwell)
Enjoy healthy steamed broccoli.


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