Crêpes Flambé With Grand Marnier....Elegant dessert

Crêpes are typically French. They are used both for sweet and savory dishes...
I have already shared with you a  savory dish using crèpes so now I would like to share with you crèpes used for sweets.  A typical French but simple dessert is Crêpes flambé with Grand Marnier.

Just a little note on the Grand Marnier.  There are two kinds: the "Cordon Rouge" or Red Ribbon and the "Cordon Jaune" or Yellow Ribbon. The most consumed is the red ribbon because it is of better quality and made using Cognac, a stronger taste of orange and excellent as an after dinner drink.  While the yellow ribbon is made of a neutral grain spirit mostly used for cooking and commercial cocktails.

You will therefore need:
Serves 6
-  125 gr all purpose flour
-  ¼ liter milk or 250 cc.
-  25 gm plain sugar.
-  1 pinch salt.
-  2 eggs.
-  30 gm melted butter.
-  Extra butter the cook the crèpes.
-  100 ml Grand Marnier (Red Ribbon).
-  Pour 2/3 of the milk in a bowl add salt, sugar, eggs, and flour.
-  Beat well with an electric hand beater.
-  Add rest of milk and the 30 gm of melted but still warm butter.
-  Cook each crêpe using some of the extra butter, flip to cook the other side.
Serving Suggestions:
-  Fold each crèpe alone folded in four, arrange in a nice large new looking skillet (because you will serving it at table).
-  Melt some butter by moving the whole skillet. 
Let the skillet heat for about 5 seconds on high heat.(Important to have a succesful flambé)
-  Add the zest of one orange.
Pour 100 ml of Grand Marnier over the hot skillet with the crèpe let heat another 5 sec.
-  Flambé!! Caution not to have your face close to the skillet or any children around.
-  Transport the skillet flaming as it is to the table in front of the guests. 
-  Wait till the flame dies down.
Serve with some wild berries on cream if you wish or just broken wall nuts.


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