Roasted And Peeled Bell Peppers

This is a delicious preparation to keep in your fridge for a quick tapas presentation to friends who, unexpectedly, came for drinks. These bell peppers are roasted in the oven, peeled, cut into thin strips, put into a an empty jar then covered in olive oil.

Tapas is THE thing to have while having a before dinner drink or you can have different kinds of tapas as a replacement of a whole meal.
The other day I prepared some pickled anchovies. The pepper strips go very well with anchovies. I would like to share this preparation with you which is easy but takes a bit of patience to do.
For a medium empty jar of Mayonnaise you will need:
-  2 Green bell peppers.
-  2  Yellow bell peppers.
-  2  Orange bell peppers.
-  2  Red bell peppers.
-  Extra virgin olive oil as much as required. So keep a bottle beside you.
-  One hot pepper and a pair of scissors.
-  About 8 cloves of garlic, peeled and a garlic press.
-  Wash well the bell peppers and put them in a colander to dry.
-  Put them on a cookie sheet and into a preheated oven to 180 degrees C.
-  Set your timer to 40 minutes.
-  When timer goes off turn the other side for another 40 minutes.
-  At the end of the 80 minutes turn off the oven.
-  Let cool completely.
-  Patiently peel the peppers as best you can. The green bell peppers are the most difficult to peel.

Skins Off The Peppers.
-  When that is done, cut them in thin strips.
-  The outcome is nice because you will have four different colors mixed together.
-  Put some olive oil in the jar and put 1/3 of the quantity of peppers, press some garlic, cut a few slices of hot peppers (optional) then add some more peppers, add some pressed garlic and cut some hot peppers (optional), add oil to cover. Continue till all the peppers are finished, top with some garlic, hot peppers (optional) and fill jar with oil to the top. The oil prevents oxygen from affecting the peppers.
Peeled Peppers.

Juices And Seeds To Be Discarded.
-  Put the lid on tightly and refrigerate till you need it.
-  Put some strips in any salad.
-  On steak.
-  On toast and over it an anchovy.
-  In an omelet.
-  Let your imagination wander.
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