Peanut Butter Sandwich...This Is A Surprise

After eating this peanut butter sandwich nothing will stop your dreams from coming true. You will never guess what it is unless, of course, you read on:
Maria was looking through her recipes the other day, she had this idea when her eyes fell on French Meringue. Since she loves peanut butter (in fact we all do in this family and we all love French meringue as well),  she thought of making a French Meringue Peanut Butter Sandwich! So here goes:
To make the Peanut Butter French Meringue Sandwich you will need.
Serves 8
  • Two 20 cm in diameter round disks of French Meringue.
  • Extra good quality peanut butter such as "Skippy". It can be creamy or crunchy as you wish.
 For the two 20 cm in diameter disks you will need.
-  6 Egg whites.
-  150 gr. caster sugar.
-  150 gr. powdered sugar.
-  60 gr. of grated dry coconut or any ground nuts you may have.
-  A sifter.
-  Bake meringue at 100 degrees C for 1½ hours or until crunchy and dry inside.
Important Information:
Do not put the meringue in the fridge.  It will go soggy.
  1. If you wish to make the meringue more crunchy, increase oven temperature to 120 degrees C but the meringue may take a beige color and crack.
  2. If you do not wish to use any nuts or coconut, don't put anything.
  3. The meringue can keep up to one month in an air-tight box in the dark.
Following the pictures will help you pretty much visualize what needs to be done:
Beat Egg Whites With Caster Sugar.


Beating Egg Whites & Caster Sugar
Egg Whites Are Now Beaten

Sift Powdered Sugar

Sifted Sugar

Add Sifted Powdered Sugar VERY Carefully
You Can See Powdered Sugar Being
Mixed Slowly By Spatula.


Testing Meringue Stiffness
Slowly Add Grated Coconut
Final Mixture Before Baking.
Draw With A Pencil A 20 cm Diameter
Circle And Use Paper Upside Down

Starting From The Center Expand
Your Disk To 20 cm.
Required Circle Obtained. Satellite
Circles For Testing.

Ready Baked First Disk.
Ready Baked Second Disk.

Preparing The Sandwich Adding 120 gr.
Peanut Butter on Bottom Disk.
Sandwich ready.

The Interior.




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