Molten Chocolate Cakes....Enough!! Time For Some Chocolate

I am sure that every American home has a Betty Crocker cook book. Or at least one of the cook books is. But some may not have it at all..  Of course my blog isn't directed only to Americans although the majority of my loyal readers are from the U.S.of A. and I sure thank them for it.  In my opinion this cook book is fantastic and actually gives workable recipes which succeed. Why am I writing about Betty Crocker since I am writing my own blog with recipes? Well that's because today's recipe is courtesy of the Betty Crocker cook book and would love to share it with you.
To make 6 individual molten chocolate cakes you will need.
-  Cocoa powder.
-  168 gms of cooking chocolate 52% cocoa content, chopped or cut in squares.
-  ½ cup plus 2 Tbsp. of butter or Neo Vitam (in Greece).
-  3 large whole eggs.
-  3  egg yolks ( use the egg whites for something else ).
-  1½ cups powdered sugar.
-  ½ cup of all-purpose flour. Do not use self rising flour.
-  Heat oven to 230 degrees C or 450 degrees F.
-  Butter very well bases and sides of 6 custard cups (as per my photo) and coat with cocoa powder.
-  Melt butter on mild heat, add the chocolate and stir with your chocolate wooden spoon (which you use for nothing else) till the chocolate melts. Turn off heat and let cool.
-  In a large bowl, beat the whole eggs and the yolks till they are frothy.
-  Continue beating and add the powdered sugar till well mixed.
-  Beat in chocolate mixture and flour alternatively till they are both finished.
-  Fill cups evenly and place on a cookie sheet.
-  Bake for 12 to 14 minutes. Using my 25 year old oven takes 13 minutes.
-  Take them out of the oven.
-  Wait for 1 minute.
-  Using an oven glove, and a knife hold the cup in one hand and with the knife loosen the edges.

-  Carefully overturn on your individual serving dish.

-  This sweet is a success when the center is molten but not too molten or too dry.

 Note: They are eaten warm.
  1. You can fill the cups and keep them at room temperature till you finish your meal, have the oven going then put them for the required time.
  2. You can also fill and refrigerate them up to 24 hours and then chuck them into the oven in which case they may take a minute or two longer.
I wish you success from your first try.


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