Simple Mayonaise........Easy Or Difficult??

How  easy or difficult is it to make a mayonnaise?
Well let's put it this way. It depends on who makes it. It depends on what kind of oil is being used, lemon or vinegar, what kind of mustard and so on.
Supermarkets now have everything including different types of mayonnaise in conclusion we have forgotten how to make one. Long gone are the days when we used to make home made mayonnaise. However it is useful to know how to make one just in case...
I usually make a mayonnaise with apple vinegar, and Dijon mustard because I don't like lemon. I believe apple vinegar is very tasty.
Although my grandfather, Grandpa Stelios, the Grocer of Alexandria, Egypt who fled as a young boy from his native island of Imvros, now Turkish called Embroz, always told his customers when they went to the cashier to pay him: "Here is one lemon, when you go home, press it and drink its juice."
Lemon is good for the arteries: it acts as a cleanser from all the stuff that sticks to the walls and clogs them.
I still don't like lemon but I have to admit that a mayonnaise needs lemon or a mixture of both lemon and vinegar.
To make mayonnaise, all the ingredients must be at room temperature so it does not curdle. It takes:
-  1 tsp. of good "Fine" Maille Dijon mustard.
-  1 egg yolk.
-  1 hard boiled yolk.
-  salt and pepper to taste
-  Apple vinegar or super good white whine vinegar.
-  Lemon juice.
-  Sunflower seed oil or any other light, tasteless, oil. Never use olive oil.
-  A vertical hand blender with its special cup.
-  Add mustard to the cup, beat with blender/beater then add the egg yolks.
-  Beat for a few seconds to break up the hard boiled egg yolk and to blend it in with the fresh yolk and mustard.
-  Start adding the oil slowly slowly.
-  Add a pinch of salt and continue to add the oil till you obtain the quantity of mayonnaise desired.
  •  At this point I have to stop and share something important with you all.  When making a mayonnaise you should not be in a hurry. You want to take your time in adding the oil very, very slowly and mix add oil and mix lest the mayonnaise curdles (liquifies).
  • If it does curdle, set it aside and start another one following the first two steps then instead of adding oil, you add the curdled mayonnaise slowly. This will fix it.
  • The mayonnaise must never smell of egg or oil. There must be a perfect balance between egg, mustard, vinegar, lemon and oil.
At the end when the mayonnaise is ready adjust, lemon, vinegar, salt and pepper. At that stage you can split the mayonnaise in various little bowls and add curry in one, ketchup in the other and so on. There is no danger of curdling.
That's all,
This recipe might come in handy if you run out during a dinner party or something.
Hope you never run out of Mayonnaise.


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