Orange Flavored Crème Brûlée.........Getting Fancy!!

Cream, Milk And
Orange Zest Boiled
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Egg Yolks Yet Unbeaten
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Utensil Used To Zest Orange.
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Notice Color When
Beating Eggs and Sugar
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Ramekins In Bain-Marie
Ready To Be Filled
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Filled Ramekins In Oven
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Finished Product
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Blowtorch Used By Plumbers!
I Use It In My Kitchen!
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Today is Sunday. It is a good day to make something sweet! So I would like to share with you a dessert I like alot: An orange flavored Crème Brûlée.
You will need:
Serves 10 to 12
-  1/2 liter of whole milk.
-  1/2 liter fresh cream.
-  150 gms of caster sugar.
-  10 egg yolks.
-  Zest of two oranges.
-  Some brown sugar.
-  12 ramekins
-  A flame burner.
-  Boil milk, cream and orange zest together. Set aside to cool, to give time for the zest to infuse.
-  Beat at maximum speed the egg yolks, and the sugar till the mixture is nearly white. (The more you beat the egg the less the eggy smell/taste afterwards).
-  When milk/cream mixture is safely cool add slowly to the egg/sugar mixture and mix till well blended.
-  Pour evenly into 10 - 12 ramequins ( as shown in picture).
-  Bake in 150 degree C oven in bain-marie for at least one hour and half or until set.
-  When set, take out from oven, let cool completely.
-  Sprinkle light brown sugar onto the surface of each ramequin. Blowtorch them till the sugar melts.
-  Refrigerate.
-  Caramelize the sugar on the Crème as you consume them. That is if you are having say three today, caramelize only three because the caramelized sugar tends to melt if kept in the fridge for a longer time.
-  Instead of orange flavor you can use any other you wish such as basil 
A very refined dessert.
Enjoy with love my friends.


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