Smoked Ham And Pea/Bean/Corn Aspic ..... Trying Somethng Different

Transparent Pyrex Mold
Bottom Decorated By
Adding Set Beef Gelatine
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 Thickly Sliced Slightly Smoked Ham
Hanging Over the Sides
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FillingHalf The Mold
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Molded Ham Aspic
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Unmolding Aspic
With Blowtorch
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Final Product
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A Slice Of Ham Aspic
My Pho

I have in mind to share with you something for special occasions; something served as an entrée. A square cake mold lined with slightly smoked ham filled with peas / carrots / corn / mushrooms bathed in a beef broth gelatine which you can slice.
 You will need:
Serves 6 - 8 
-  6 thickly sliced slightly smoked boiled ham.
-  150 gms of peas cooked.
-  150 gms of carrots cubes cooked.
-  150 gms of sweet corn drained.
-  150 gms of mushrooms cooked.
-  4 slices of smoked bacon.
-  300 ml beef broth.
-  1 sachet gelatine.
-  1/2 bunch dill finely cut.
-  2 slices carrot for decoration. 
-  1 small piece of red bell pepper brunoise cut for decoration. 
-  salt and freshly ground black pepper.
-  2-3 dashes of Worstershire sauce.
-  In a transparent Pyrex rectangular cake mold (see photo above) arrange some dill, carrot and red bell peppers brunoise to decorate the bottom ( which will become the top after preparation) and cover with beef broth gelatine ( prepare gelatine as per instructions on the box).
-  Refrigerate till gelatine is set.
-  Line the mold with two slices on one side, two on the other and one slice on each end. All are hanging off the sides of the mold.-  Add some beef gelatine and refrigerate till set. In the meantime,..
-  Mix all the vegetables in a bowl , add salt, pepper, dill, and Worstershire sauce.
-  Fill with half of the filling add beef gelatine and refrigerate till set.
-  Lay the four slices of bacon to cover the surface and add the rest of the filling.
-  Pour half of the reamaining beef gelatine, refrigerate till set.
-  Fold the ham to cover base of the mold and pour the rest of the beef gelatine and refrigerate till next day.
-  To unmold the aspic, heat the mold with a blowtorch as in photo.
Slice and serve with some "fine" mustard mayonaise "Maille" brand and a wine of your choice.
Bon Appétit


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