Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Shortcrust Pastry Topped With Johnny Walker "Double Black Label" Whiskey Flavored Home Made Orange Marmalade.

I've been meaning to make this sweet since Saturday 26th November, my name day. To bake it for me. You know the saying I, me and myself. In fact I've been wanting to bake it since the beginning of summer but never had the opportunity. It just didn't happen. The other day I was watching RAI TRE (third program national Italian TV) and there was this cooking program dedicated to this sweet. Italians call it La Pasta Frolla. Greeks call it Pasta Flora. (Frolla vs. Flora)... God knows why there is this difference.  It is very good for breakfast with coffee, in the afternoon with tea. It is a dry sweet. Basically a shortcrust pastry topped with whatever jam you have....and, by putting your imagination to work,  you can add anything you want to the jam. My cousin brought back this bottle of Johnny Walker "Double Black Label" from Bahrain and found it a very good opportunity to open it...and put some in the orange marmalade I made last year. Had a couple of swigs as well!! It has a slightly smokey flavor. So if you would like to make this sweet please read on it is easy...
You will need:
Serves 16 pieces even more depending how you cut.
-  1 kg all purpose flour.
-  600 gr fresh butter at room temperature (soft).(Honestly I used Neo Vitam for all Greeks out there)
-  400 gr powdered sugar.
-  100 gr egg yolks. This is tricky depending on the egg size. Basically 5 egg yolks for 60 gr eggs.
-  1 tsp. vanila.
-  1 pinch salt
-  Zest of 1 lemon.
-  1¼ cups orange marmalade. I make my own orange marmalade because I am difficult to please. I like it dark in color (over boiled oranges + sugar ) and thickly cut orange zest. Aged one year.
-  3 Tbsp. Blended Scotch Whiskey mixed in the orange marmalade. I happen to use Johnny Walker "Double Black Label".
-  Preheat your oven to 200 degrees C.
-  Using your blender, add flour make a hole in the middle, add your pinch of salt.
-  Add your butter and start blending on slow No. 1 -3.
-  Start adding your yolks one by one while blending, increase to No.4 speed.
-  Add sugar and blend.
-  Add vanilla blend.
-  Add lemon zest and blend till you get a perfectly uniform pliable dough.(delicious too).
-  Let it rest for half an hour.

-  Cut dough in half, leave other half for decoration.
-  Open the dough with your rolling pin on parchment paper,  about an inch wider than the circumference of the pie mold.
-  Take the whole parchment paper and overturn it on the pie mold. Tricky so be cautious.
-  Fix with the palm of your hand and fingers till you get it right.
-  Fill with jam.
-  Make long long strands of dough and place as in picture either to make squares or rhombuses (rhombi) Van Rhompi is very famous these days ha ha.

-  When ready, bake in the lowest shelf of your oven for 20 minutes then move to the middle upper shelf for another 20 minutes. The reason for doing this is because my oven dates back to 1985. I want to make sure the lower side of the pie gets well cooked, and well cooked and a nice color on the top side.
-  Bring out from the oven and let cool completely.
-  The rest is easy....

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