Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Chicken Tikka Kebabs With Cilantro, Raita On Pitta Bread.

A Cucumber And Fresh Mint Raita. Courtesy of 
 Wikipedia on Googl
A Cucumber And Fresh Mint Raita. Courtesy of 
 Wikipedia on Googl

The last time I shared Chicken Tikka with you was back in July 12th 2011 when it was roasted in the oven. This time we shall have it grilled on the stove-top grill and served on fresh hot pitta bread with chopped fresh cilantro (coriander) topped with a Raita. Indian / Pakistani food is generally spicy so yogurt comes to cool your palate...

You will need :
Serves 3 
-  700 gr chicken breast cut in cubes.
 -  4 Tbsp. ready made Tikka Powder mix. (As I usually say, any self respecting super market should have Sharwood's Tikka Powder Mix).

-  4 Tbsp. thick Greek yogurt.
-  2 Tbsp. lemon juice.
-  2 Tbsp. olive oil.
-  ½ bunch fresh cilantro.
-  Lettuce leaves.
-  10 pieces Pitta Bread.

-  400 gr thick Greek yogurt.
-  2 Tbsp. fresh mint roughly chopped.
- Toaster.
-  Combine Tikka powder mix, yogurt, lemon and olive oil into a uniform paste.
-  Add and coat chicken cubes.
-  Marinate for a couple of hours.

-  Thread into skewers. 2 per person.

-  Combine yogurt and chopped mint leaves in a bowl for the raita.

-  Put your chopped cilantro in a bowl to serve at table.
-  Serve your lettuce leave standing in a long wide glass.
-  Serve your pitta bread by the toaster.
-  Now that you have all your side dishes ready at table, start grilling your Tikka chicken kebabs.
-  When cooked, Serve 2 skewers of Tikka Kebab per person.
How to eat:
 -  Heat a pitta bread in the toaster.
-  Put some cilantro on pitta.
-  Take Tikka kebabs off one skewer and place on top of the cilantro.
-  Spoon some raita on top of the kebabs.
-  Fold the pita bread in two and eat by hand.

If you do not want to eat bread:
-  Instead of bread set one lettuce leaf on your plate.
-  Add some cilantro.
-  Kebabs from your skewer.
-  Top with raita.
-  Sprinkle some slightly toasted cumin seeds on the raita.
-  Add thin onion rings on top of the raita.
Enjoy !!
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  1. Oh dear... Here we go, we started the hot staff now eh?? Indian cooking, always mesmerizing but I can't manage to cook it properly because we can't stand the too much hot spices in our mouth...:-))) We can't have everything...

  2. Oh Gees!! I messed up!! I scared you off by putting the wrong Tikka container. This "hot" Tikka is used for spicy hot eaters. The one in the recipe is perfectly mild and will not burn your mouths!! Sorry my mistake!! Will my fans out there forgive me?

  3. Good morning:-) You didn't scared me off at all! I was teasing about the hotness and all this:-) We can't handle the too much hot spices at home but we can always use milder ones, so no problem! Besides, I believe that there are more people out there liking the hot spices than those who don't... At least regarding the exotic cuisines. So, all well and don't fret!:-))

  4. That was amaaaaaaazing!!!so delicious!!!keep on the good work Stelio :) (dada)

  5. Good morning Mr Stelio:-) Just a small message to wish you HRONIA POLLA for Barbara's Name Day!! Not sure how to put it in English, so... Na tin heraiste kai na ine panda kala!!! I hope you'll have a great day with your daughter:-))

  6. Oh Ms. Anna, it is so nice of you to remember my daughter's name day. Thank you for your wishes and your name day is on the 9th!! Talk to you then. Your recipes look so gorgeous why don't you open a little-little place in Brussels very tavern-like and have one or two dishes only daily...?