Raw Cauliflower!!...No Loss In Vitamins

Although broccoli and cauliflower are basically from the same family, only cauliflower can be eaten raw. Unfortunately it is not as healthy as broccoli.  As I was washing our cauliflower today for lunch, I suddenly felt very hungry so I had one or two flowers of the cauliflower which was crunchy and delicious....

Now, imagine this...you are sitting quietly at home reading a book, and the phone rings...some friends from out of town have just arrived and you invite them over for a drink... you are panic stricken  ...you have to prepare something to serve with the drinks....you run to the kitchen....you find a raw cauliflower and a couple of bell peppers...Thank God...you know exactly what to do...

You take some of your cauliflower cut it in flowerettes, a couple of green bell peppers cut in bits...You can't think of a dip ...Oh yes sir you can... wip up together 1 cup or mayo, ½ cup hot ketchup, a couple of dashes of Tabasco made from Habanero peppers, a dash of Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce and a touch of Remi Martin cognac all very nicely arranged on nice platter.
There you go...you are all set.
Enjoy the drink with your friends,


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