Lentils And Rice...

Lentils are good for you and therefore you should try to find any way to eat them.  Today I thought of  something I don't think I wrote before.
You will need:
Serves 6
-  250 gr of lentils
-  250 gr of normal white rice.
-  6 cloves of garlic minced.
-  1 big onion sliced in rings.
-  250 gr grated tomatoes with their juice.
-  4 bay leaves.
-  Salt, pepper.
-  A touch of chili.
-  ½ bunch of parsley finely chopped.
-  Combine all of the above except parsley and onion rings in a deep saucepan  add boiling water to cover by about 2inches.
-  Bring to a boil, then simmer for about ¼ an hour.  Add the onion rings.
-  Continue to simmer another 15 minutes or until lentils and rice are cooked. If liquids are dangerously low add 2 cups hot water.
-  When done, add the parsley and turn off heat.
-  Leave uncovered till the food cools.
During summer when it is hot, it is best to cook this food early in the morning so that it has time to cool down completely by the time you serve it. If possible refrigerate before eating.
Enjoy this nutritious dish which is absolutely vegetarian.


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